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I had a problem with my Waeco fridge that I use on my boat. I paid a 'specialist!!!!!' 80$cd for a diagnostic that turned out to be: "No idea what is wrong with your fridge". I found on internet,submitted them my problem and received a diagnostic with suggested solution the following day. I followed said instructions and fixed my problem in no time (at no cost).
I know who I will contact firs,t next time I have a problem with my fridge.

Thanks guys!


I would like to record my appreciation of penguin in general and zeb in particular for helping me with diagnosing and fixing the fridge on my VW California camper. The website gave clear diagnostic advice , access to the simple test kit required and a prompt service of supply for the required replacement part. Zeb guided me through the process both online and by phone with helpful advice. I would recommend anyone with a fridge problem to contact penguin via their 'fix my fridge ' website.

Contrast this with the response from VW. (Bearing in mind that the California is a VW factory product not a conversion) My local dealer advised me to seek a qualified motorcaravan service engineer! The main dealer from whom I bought the van told me they couldnt determine whether the electronics or the compressor was at fault and their only suggestion was speculative replacement of both at a cost of almost £500 and £1200 respectively. Apparently VW will not supply habitat parts on a 'sale or return' basis should the part not fix the problem. The dealer did not carry out the fridge manufacturer recommended diagnostic procedure, did not appear to have the required £10 test LED or indicate that they were aware of the procedure. Eventually I was offered a 50% discount on the electronics module if fitting it didnt correct the fault. Since VW wanted to charge nearly twice the penguin price for the identical part this should not be regarded as generous.

penguin tested my module for nothing on the understanding that i would buy the replacement part from them if it proved faulty.

So - thank you penguin and zeb. My fridge is working again and I can hit the road. I've saved about £350 and at least one 3hr return trip to the dealer. No prizes for VW - so much for 'one stop shop'.

Returned the controller to Penguin UK I as suspected it was faulty and had a call back within hours of it being received to confirm this was the case. Replacement sent out same day and received next morning.

Brilliant service with telephone call back as well - unusual in these modern times.

Not a question this time - just a big thank you to you all specially the tech guys who sorted out my fridge problem. Visiting your premises was a real pleasure, the part you replaced has worked perfectly and the advice was invaluable. Thanks Tom

Just to say that all is now working having fitted the new controller. Prior to fitting I checked /cleaned all the electrical connections. Many thanks for your help, I now have a working fridge in my campervan for the first time in over a year and for far less than the £1000+ fee that VW quoted. Many thanks Quentin

Thanks for your help with the thermostat for our fridge. As you previously stated the part was a direct replacement for the old unit and was fitted in minutes.

Thank you very very much for your assistance in helping me so speedily with my problem. You will be comforted to know that the replacement of my existing controller, which arrived this morning, got my fridge working immediately.