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Fridge/Freezer not cooling

Q    Does the compressor run?

NO  The fault is electrical - see Electrical Testing Manual


Q     Have you isolated the thermostat?

NO   Link out the thermostat on the compressor's electronic controller - see Checking   Thermostat Manual?


Q     Have you checked the electrical installation?

NO   Use the Testing Electrical Installation manual


Q     Is your compressor a Danfoss BD35 or BD50?

YES Download the BD35 & BD50 Fault Diagnostics manual


YES If the compressor runs continually, the problem is likely to be a loss of gas - see Checking Refrigerant Charge on R134A Systems to confirm


Fridge/Freezer not Getting Sufficently Cold


Q    Is the Thermostat set correctly?

NO   Turn the thermostat to a colder setting


Q    Does the compressor run continually?

YES   Check the refrigerant charge - see Checking Refrigerant Charge on R134A Systems


Q    Is the evaporator (ice box) frozen over with heavy frost or ice?

YES   Your cabinet is faulty - see Cabinet Check List


Q    Is the equipment correctly specified and installed

NO  See our manual on Correctly Specifying Fridge Parts


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