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Fault finding - My fridge is too cold

If your fridge is too cold and you find that you are freezing your tomatoes and salads, the most likely cause of the problem will be the thermostat. There are three possible reasons:–

• the thermostat is not set correctly

• the probe is not sensing correctly

• or the thermostat is faulty

Check the thermostat setting
First check the thermostat setting, normally the higher the number the colder the fridge. The exact temperature the fridge achieves at a given number will vary between fridges and manufacturers. Turn the thermostat to the lowest number and check to see if this raises the temperature in the fridge. If this makes no difference, the next place to investigate is the thermostat probe.
Check the thermostat sensing probe
Most thermostats on DC compressor driven fridges are mechanical and the sensing probe is a fixed length of capillary tube which attaches directly to the evaporator plate in the fridge (usually a white aluminium plate or box that produces the cold in the fridge). Check that the end of the capillary is touching the plate. As a general rule, if the evaporator plate is sized correctly, the plate will need to be at approx -8?C to achieve a fridge temperature of +4?C to +6?C. Therefore, if the probe from the thermostat has come away for the plate it will be sensing the air temperature, not the temperature of the evaporator plate. This will explain why your fridge is too cold as it will only turn off when the fridge temperature is approx -8?C, and all your finest salads are frozen solid.  The probe is usually attached with a simple metal clip allowing you to simply clip it back into place, on some models of fridge, there is a plate with a fixing screw to clamp it onto the evaporator.
Replace the Thermostat
If you have checked the thermostat probe and it is installed correctly then it is likely that the thermostat is at fault. Replace the thermostat and your fridge will be back working correctly.