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Fridge failing to start

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The compressor on my fridge won't start up. It just gives a thud. Voltage at the fridge is fine(13v) it has the three flashes on the led. Can it be repaired??? Thanks terry



It sounds like it is either the controller or a voltage drop due to resistance in the wiring between the compressor and the batteries.  I suggest that you check the wiring for a poor, weak or corroded connection. If there is nothing obvious take the controller the controller off, by removing the screw on the front face where the terminals go into the controller, the controller will then hinge at the back exposing a three pin plug - remove this and disconnect the wires (noting what goes where) and return it to us.  We can then test here and if the fault is the same you will need a new controller -

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Zeb Elliott
FmF Technical support