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Light on but fridge not getting cold or making a noise

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This fridge is on our narrow boat. We have just bought the boat with the fridge on it so I am not sure how long the problem has been there. Once we turned the fridge on the light came on, but as soon as we started turning the dial the alarm started beeping and the fridge did not get cold at all. We left it on for a day but all it did was drip water at the back.
Unless you think it is something really simple I would like you to collect and repair it please.
Chris Smith


Dear Chris,

Apologies for the delay in replying to your question.  If your fridge is a DC compressor fridge, these are extremely voltage sensitive and it is possible that if the wiring has deteriorated or you have corrosion anywhere between the battery and the connections on to the compressor the fridge will not start.

Download our manual 'Testing the Electrical Installation' 

If your fridge is a compressor fridge we can collect and check it for you, but we are extremely busy currently so it will be a couple of weeks before we can look at it and we would also need you to make sure it is well boxed and packaged to avoid damage in transport. So, my advice is to thoroughly check the wiring before you take it out for repair.

Kind regards,


FmF Technical Support