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Stuart Sutheland

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The above 12 volt fridge unit has been fully electrically checked and all ok. Thermostat has been bypassed and compressor runs constantly. The evaporator however remains only cold to the touch. The unit was installed 2002 as new. Am I right in presuming that the system should be re gassed .


Hi Stuart,

First apologies for the delay in responding to your question.  You are partially correct, if the compressor is running constantly and the plate is not cooling it maybe that you lost the refrigerant, or it is possible that there is moisture in the system causing a blockage.

I recommend that you get a refrigeration engineer to check the charge.  If there is refrigerant then it will need to be vac'ed throughly for an hour minimum then recharged.  If you let me know where the boat is located I may be able to forward you details of a loacl Frigoboat service engineer.

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FmF technical support

Thanks for the info. Had an engineer do as you described above and all now ok.



Very pleased to hear all is sorted