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Yacht Bavaria 46 top loading fridge cooling unit

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There is power to the unit but it does not respond in any way. There is a circuit breaker located on the control panel and this is ok.
Is there a fuse in the system and if so where is it located?


'Testing the electrical installation' and 'BD35 & BD50 Fault Diagnostics'

Your problem will be one of three things:

1. Poor voltage or a voltage drop preventing the compressor from starting.

2. A faulty thermostat

3. The electrical controller on the compressor has failed.

If you are sure you have decent voltage at the compressor (minimum 12V or 24V DC) I would start by linking out the thermostat on the C&T terminals on the compressor.  If all then works you need to replace the stat.  If this does not help then run the fault diagnostic on the controller by fitting an LED to the small + and D terminals (or you can use a multi meter on continuity to dod the same thing).

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Good luck