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Second hand fridge compressor

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I have the opportunity to purchase a second hand unit, but am unable to identify whether it would be suitable for the intended use to add a cooling facility to an existing unrefrigerated coolbox of <120 l in my Moody 29. A google search on the type 46472 came up with only one linked reference to a unit fitted on a Moody 54 of 2002 vintage said to be with a Danfoss BD50 compressor. On the face of it that sounds like a much bigger cooling unit than for my intended usage, but I thought it would be worth querying in case you are familiar with the unit and can advise more re the spec and whether suitable for this situation. If a possible candidate, would you have an appropriate cooling plate to use in the coolbox?
Many thanks for any help you can give.
Rob Brown


Re the above, some further search on Google indicates it is the main elements of an (air -cooled?) Isotherm ASU system, but without the eutectic (holding) plate. Would I need one of these or could I dispense with the ASU and use an evaporator plate or otherwise use it as the basis of a cold box installation?. It definitely has a Danfoss compressor, but whether BD35 or 50, I don't yet know.

Hi Rob,

For a fridge system you require a compressor with condenser (air cooled or water cooled) and either an evaporator plate or a Eutectic plate.  You can find more information on our main Penguinfrigo website.

Yo will need to make sure the plate used to cool the fridge is sized correctly and again we have information on this on our system builder.  Unfortunately you cannot use our evaporator plates with Isotherm systems.  Depending on how quickly you need to move, why not come and see us at Southampton Boat Show (our stand number is G004) and we can show you how a fridge system works and what you will require.

Kind regards,


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Thanks for that Zeb. Looks as if I would need an Isotherm plate and a cooling fitting, either water or air. As these look to be pretty costly parts, the overall cost wouldn't be much different to a complete new system. In no hurry, so may well do as you suggest and look in in September. Rob Brown